recluse. by sara khayat.


for j.d. salinger

i am guilty.

i am part of the world that
you yourself were constantly
trying to run from.

i am guilty of wanting more
upon googling quotes by you
to get a little more to have
something more to hold on

a headline read
“revealed—j.d. salinger
was born with one testicle.”

and i understood the need
to withdraw

i understood why
this unsolicited flesh
this human skin
these breakable
crumbling bones
are nothing to be
proud of.


Sara Khayat was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is editor-in-chief of Paper Plane Pilot Publishing ( She graduated from California State University, Northridge with a BA in English/Creative Writing and a minor in Psychology. Her mind is full of wildflowers, ladybugs and grey matters. Give her a shout and she’ll give you a whisper.

three poems by steve shultz.

three poems.

Tues. Blues

I feel good
as I should
don’t want to be
on your paper tears

your clumsy crown

your folded fortune

telling me
what I do not
want to hear

as my convictions
flutter in the wind
like the pages
of your journal

& X’ed out

I feel on the edge
as if I may disappear
on any given Tuesday

I feel impossible
light as a feather
from a stolen angel’s wing

I feel invisible
a speck of dust
in the corner
of your tear duct

I feel disregard
down life’s road

don’t want to be
on your powdered clown

your upside down

soapbox depravity

your folded paper crown
& flimsy stars

I feel good
far too good for a Tuesday

Watered Down


My expectations
are disillusioned,
tricked into believing
what you want from me
is the same as
what I want from me.
my fire has been
and I have no time
for phoenix metaphors.
do you burn bright?
do you burn brighter than
the shadows in your mind.
there are hands on my throat,
I’m not even sure if they’re mine.
my passion is
the ice in my glass,
rapidly melting.
I’m left watered down.
I’m left with my own crumbs.

I’m not sure what to make of me.

Little Bits of Things Left Unsaid


I am unused quotations
from sprawling notebooks
scribbled ink smudges
I am palm print, stained
red roadmap folded over
and over and over
I am the creases
upon morgue tiled floor
I am spilled
and wide awake
I am stutter
speck of spit on lover’s lips
I am deleted scene
spliced from director’s cut
bookended platitudes
I am weightless
and inherently grave
I am the backs of those
we talk behind
at dreary happy hours
I am dream’s misinterpretation
pillow drenched with sweat
I am the fulgent sun
and every black hole
swallowing its light
unknown equations
on blank whiteboard
canvas muddied with too much thought
I am crumpled piece of paper
tossed at trash bin, I missed the basket
I am the piece of almost-perfect art
the joke, the song, the book, the film
that goes on for far too long

I am these things we wish would never end

Steve Shultz

Steve Shultz is the author of two full-length books of poetry, FM Ghost and 3: Poems for My Wife and Kids. He is a Colorado native who’s never been skiing and has lived his entire life in and around the Mile High City. His poetry has been published in print in a handful of anthologies and magazines, including Signal from Static and Red Kitty, and online in various publications. He’s an editor and designer with The Denver Post and reviews concerts for the newspaper’s online music section. Read more of his poems at


art. by brian hughes.

Batlady Edited

Brian is someone who stepped up to be an artist for the original Guerrilla Graffiti a couple years ago. I saw a couple of his pieces and I knew I wanted to have him on the staff. I love the colors and the monsters. I love how raw his pieces feel. Brian and I did a brief Q+A to give you a better idea of who he is as an artist and what keeps him doing it.


GG: I’m interested in artist’s origin stories. How did you find art, or how did art find you?
BH: I knew that art was something that kind of grew on me when I looked around the house and saw my artwork stacked and piled in portfolios from all the schooling and doodles i’d drawn in class. Art most definitely found me and I didn’t even realize what I was doing at first. I would be inside my room over at grandma’s in Florida where there is super nice weather, just drawing for hours practicing how to draw my favorite anime characters which I look back on and they look more like tweaked out super saiyans with too much hair haha. I still like to travel as well but I think it really hit me that art was even a thing when I saw the graffiti on trains and walls as a kid in New York.

Pokemon Brian Hughes

GG: I feel like a lot of your pieces are on one hand dark and in another way very colorful and ‘cartoony’. What inspires you to draw the things that you do?
BH: Where I get a lot of my inspiration from is fear. I know that kinda sounds creepy or weird but hey I’m weird, a lot of the things I’ve drawn come from either dreams or things I’ve been afraid of or other people I know are afraid of so it’s kinda cool to see people’s reactions some are deterred away from it but some people are just really drawn into it because its scary in ways but interesting at the same time. I personally think Halloween should be an all around everyday event where we all dress up and go trick or treating in creepy costumes so that too is where I get inspired to draw things or make things i do. I’m a big gamer too so I put the gamer side of me back into my art as well.

Brian Hughes Skateboards

GG: I know I’ve seen you doing lots of cool projects, like putting your art onto skateboards? What kind of cool projects have you done in the past? What kind of things would you like to do with your art in the future?
BH: In the past, I can remember one of my favorite projects I’ve made was a piece I made from all recycled gum wrappers, Playstation controller pieces, cardboard and newspaper and I put it together in a collage format trying to get people to see the beauty of nature. Within the newspaper I put hidden messages like “Impact the Earth” and “Recycle” just for an added touch to the piece.

Brian Hughes Tree Lady

BH: In the future, I’m really wanting to do a large scale mural or like some cool electronic art of some kind where apps are involved with the manipulation of the piece I think that’d be cool. I’m trying to be on some next level shit yo like a digital blimp with moving images on it or something like that.

Brian Snakes

GG: What artists inspire you?
BH: I get inspired by a lot of things but if there’s a story behind it, I’ll remember it more. Tara McPherson is an inspiration of mine because a random guy gave me her art book which was signed and everything to me on a bus to Indiana so I studied that book like a manual. Her style is so cool to me. Alex Pardee is a big inspiration I love his use of watercolors and the creepiness of his work. Alex Grey really amazes with his detail. Don Kenn because his monsters that he draws are just really out there and I love it. Biggie, Tokimonsta, radikal nation (my crew) , and a lot of death metal and drinking tea inspires my art and musically because they’re just so different that you just have to respect them.

Brian Tattoo Art

Brian Beast


Brian Hughes Bio

my name is Brian Hughes some know me by “nature” and legends say im the last black unicorn, I’ve been an artist since i was about 3 years old and writing and drawing, painting, anything really creative i’ve been doing ever since i can remember.I’d say my style really ranges but for the most part ive found my niche in creepy weird monsters and abstract creatures. I’ve recently been moving my artwork onto new canvases to skateboards and even skin so you might say the style has changed a bit from tattooing. With my artwork I make I hope to inspire others and hopefully get my girlfriend a brand new dress for christmas so If you like anything feel free to ask for prices and support that local art.


letter. by sara khayat.


by Sara Khayat

i know this world. i know its ashes, stale smoke. i know the insides of every man, woman, child. i’ve seen the bottom of every bottle. i’ve seen the no-shows and the take-me-or-leave-me’s. needles, scalpels, blood lost blood gained, bones bones bones. i’ve seen the dead placed into the soil i’ve seen the veins. i’ve seen through me. x-ray machines, overturned cars, mirrors and mirrors and mirrors. i’ve seen the sand and the satellites. the have-homes and the no-homes the hopeful and the healers, the hungry and the hurting. i’ve seen the concrete and the names. names etched in stone, written in skies, on walls, letters. memories fade, shrinking brains. i’ve seen the happy and the whole. i’ve seen real and make-believe. i see a ghost of you, somewhere past the train tracks and the sea lions. i see you in the salt. i see you in traffic lights, road work, i see you in asphalt. i see you in blue jeans and hotel sheets. i see you in airports and parking lots. oceans, lakes, elsewheres. i see you, do you see me? ancient eyes, young hands that haven’t even begun to feel.


Sara Khayat was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is editor-in-chief of Paper Plane Pilot Publishing ( She graduated from California State University, Northridge with a BA in English/Creative Writing and a minor in Psychology. Her mind is full of wildflowers, ladybugs and grey matters. Give her a shout and she’ll give you a whisper.



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