recluse. by sara khayat.


for j.d. salinger

i am guilty.

i am part of the world that
you yourself were constantly
trying to run from.

i am guilty of wanting more
upon googling quotes by you
to get a little more to have
something more to hold on

a headline read
“revealed—j.d. salinger
was born with one testicle.”

and i understood the need
to withdraw

i understood why
this unsolicited flesh
this human skin
these breakable
crumbling bones
are nothing to be
proud of.


Sara Khayat was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is editor-in-chief of Paper Plane Pilot Publishing ( She graduated from California State University, Northridge with a BA in English/Creative Writing and a minor in Psychology. Her mind is full of wildflowers, ladybugs and grey matters. Give her a shout and she’ll give you a whisper.

Author: guerrillagraffiti

Art and literary magazine based out of Denver, Colorado.

One thought on “recluse. by sara khayat.”

  1. // silly Sara // i know // u know ./. everyone knows. that all Sara’s are stupid // nice blog. and nice attitude // blog u / thank you xz


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